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Siemens N 511/02

Switch Actuator..


Siemens N 512/01

Load Switch..


Siemens N 512/11

Switching Main Module, 3x 16A (for lights, valves, fan and relay use)..


Siemens N 512/21

Switching sub module 16A (requires 5WG15621AB11 or 5WG15121AB11)..


Siemens N 513/11

Switch Actuator Main Unit 20A..


Siemens N 513/21

Switching sub module 20A (requires 5WG15621AB11 or 5WG15121AB11)..


Siemens N 523/04

Blind control module. 4x 230Vac blind motors..


Siemens N 523/11

Shutter/Blind Actuator N523/11..


Siemens N 524/01

Blind control module. 4x 24Vdc blind motors..


Siemens N 525E01

DALI switch/dimming module, 8x DALI channels..


Siemens N 526E02

Switch/dimming module, 8x channels, each with Binary and AO (1-10Vdc)..


Siemens N 527/31

Dimming Main Module 20-500VA..


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